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When you talk about Sandcarving two companies always enter into the conversation: Rayzist Photomask and Ikonics Imaging. As a result, the focus of our discussions will be on these two companies.

Rayzist Photomask



25 Years Developing Sandcarving Equipment, Film and Supplies Years Developing Sandcarving Film and Reselling Sandcarving Systems
Manufacturer of Sandcarving Systems Reseller of Sandcarving Systems - CrystalBlast™ is the current Manufacturer
Manufacturer of Sandcarving Film Manufacturer of Sandcarving Film
In House Support of Equipment, Film and Supplies In House Support of Film

Sandcarving Product Comparison
2034VX vs. CrystalBlast™ Pro

The first product that we are going to review is the Mid-Level Sandcarving Cabinets that are available - the 2034VX and CrystalBlast™ Pro.

Rayzist's 2034VX


IKONICS's CrystalBlastPro

2034 VX Sandcarving System


15 Years of Improvements on 2034 have taken place 

First Generation Cabinet

HEPA Filtration Teflon Coated Bags w/TPFE Membrane 

Tubular Bags for Filtration

Cabinet Fits Though Standard Sized Door Fully Assembled  

Cabinet Requires Wheel Removal to Fit Through Standard Door

Ships Comes Fully Assembled - Remove Pallet, Roll Into Position 

Ships Without Wheels - Unit Requires User to Install Wheels
Tool-less Fitting Assemblies - Finger Screw

Tool-less Fitting Assemblies - Pull Release
Powder Coated Cabinet - Interior and Exterior Painted Exterior / Standard Metal Interior
Seam Welded Construction - 100% Seam Weld Welded
1/3 HP Blower Motor 1/2 HP Blower Motor
Vortex Technology - Air Wash Media Separating and Reclaiming Seperator Reclaimer
400+ CFG Dust Exhaust Blower w/Removable Liner 550 CFM Dust Exhaust Blower w/Dust Storage Hopper
Dual Resessed Halogen Lights Two Quartz Halogen Lights
Full Size Dual Door Entry - Opens to Entire Workspace 19" Wide Openening - Opens to Part of Workspace
Heavy Duty Sandblast Hose (Briaded Rubber) Nylon Tubing
Right and Left Blast Hose Entry Right and Left Blast Hose Entry
Auto-Relieving Moisture Separator Separator
Locking Wheels Lockable Wheels
Ships Complete with 50 lbs. of Media Does Not Include Media in Package