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Sandcarving System Product Comparison
2034VX vs. CrystalBlast™ Pro

The first product that we are going to review is the Mid-Level Sandcarving Cabinets that are available - the 2034VX and CrystalBlast™ Pro.

Rayzist's 2034VX


IKONICS's CrystalBlastPro

2034 VX Sandcarving System


15 Years of Improvements on 2034 have taken place 

First Generation Cabinet

HEPA Filtration Teflon Coated Bags w/TPFE Membrane 

Tubular Bags for Filtration

Cabinet Fits Though Standard Sized Door Fully Assembled  

Cabinet Requires Wheel Removal to Fit Through Standard Door

Ships Comes Fully Assembled - Remove Pallet, Roll Into Position 

Ships Without Wheels - Unit Requires User to Install Wheels
Tool-less Fitting Assemblies - Finger Screw

Tool-less Fitting Assemblies - Pull Release
Powder Coated Cabinet - Interior and Exterior Painted Exterior / Standard Metal Interior
Seam Welded Construction - 100% Seam Weld Welded
1/3 HP Blower Motor 1/2 HP Blower Motor
Vortex Technology - Air Wash Media Separating and Reclaiming Seperator Reclaimer
400+ CFG Dust Exhaust Blower w/Removable Liner 550 CFM Dust Exhaust Blower w/Dust Storage Hopper
Dual Resessed Halogen Lights Two Quartz Halogen Lights
Full Size Dual Door Entry - Opens to Entire Workspace 19" Wide Openening - Opens to Part of Workspace
Heavy Duty Sandblast Hose (Briaded Rubber) Nylon Tubing
Right and Left Blast Hose Entry Right and Left Blast Hose Entry
Auto-Relieving Moisture Separator Separator
Locking Wheels Lockable Wheels
Ships Complete with 50 lbs. of Media Does Not Include Media in Package